On the 3rd Day

When Jesus was led off to be tried by the religious leaders of Israel, it was the day before Passover. The trial ended early in the morning. Jesus was handed over to the Romans for execution. Pilate didn’t want to execute Jesus because he knew that it was only because the religious leaders were afraid of his power over the people. Finally after their insistence, Pilate released Jesus to them for execution. Jesus said it Himself, that this was the reason He was born. It was to die for the sins of man. By noon, Jesus was on the cross. It was recorded that the skies turn black and lightning stuck everywhere. These religious leaders thought that they were doing something good for themselves. But in fact, they were following God’s plan for man. By 3pm, Jesus was dead. They had to hurry and bury Jesus and the 2 thieves because Passover began at sundown. They asked Pilate to place a squad of Roman troops at the tomb of Jesus just so no one would steal His body. They knew that Jesus had said that He would rise from the dead in 3 days. On the morning of the 3rd day at sunrise, something happened. The Roman troops heard the stone that covered the tomb being rolled away. A light brighter than the sun shone out of the tomb. And they saw Jesus walk out from the tomb. They fell to the ground face down in fear. Then they fled in terror and went to the religious leaders to tell them what had happened. The leaders told the Romans to say that Jesus’ follower’s came and took His body. Jesus had led captivity captive. He stormed hell and took the keys of death and hell away the devil. And then on the 3rd day, He rose again to led the rest of us into the kingdom of heaven. And like Jesus said this was the reason that He was born into this world.

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