The Lamps of the Soul

No one likes to reveal to just anyone who they are. They want to keep their secrets to themselves. It is more appealing to others to see a mystery. And try to find out who the person really is. It is what attracts people to each other. Too much of a mystery makes people afraid that the person might be evil. Evil only attracts certain kind of people. But did you know that people wear on their sleeves who they really are. It is like a beacon flashing in their face. It is the most amazing thing that people are so transparent. Just like you can see through your skin, you can see a person’s heart. You can’t see everything but you can see who the person basically is. What is more interesting is that people try to hide who they are with clothes, attitudes, money, alcohol, or even sex? But who they are shines through every time. It can’t be hidden with anything on this earth other than death. So how do you see who a person really is? It is much simpler than you think. Every part of your body is connected. The physical and the spiritual are connected. And there is a pathway between the two. Our heart is spiritual. It is who we are. And our physical body is connect to our heart by the life of God. That direct pathway to our heart is our eyes. This is how we gather our information about life along with our senses. But what people don’t understand is that our eyes are a mirror of our heart. They reflect out of us who we are. And if they are filled with light the whole body is fill with light. Because the eyes are the lamps of the soul.



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