The Stain on your Soul

When we begin life, our soul is pure and free. We don’t have discipline or structure but we are innocent. We prize that innocence above everything else. We protect our children so that they can be innocent as long as possible. We make sure that nothing is said or done around our children. We want to give our children that opportunity to have a choice in their lives free from this world. Then tell me why does the world try to destroy that innocence as fast as humanly possible? We learn by example. As we see and hear, touch and taste our way through life, we learn. There is nothing that escapes our memory. If it is seen or heard, we will evaluate the information. Then we store it to use or not at an appropriate time. We look at TV and see the cesspool that it is. There is very little that is worth watching let alone the cable channels. Hollywood is as occult as any satanic worship. It is rare that they have produced any worthwhile movies. There might have been 5 in the last 10 years. There are 1000’s of movies made every year. And what all this does in to produce a stain on our souls. That can’t be washed away with water, booze, drugs or sex. And the stain produces violence, war, disease, famines, droughts and every evil that plagues mankind. The only that the stain can be removed is by the washing of the water of the word of God. And that is it. There is no other way to get rid of it. Only God can remove this stain from our heart. And the only way is for you to approach God and ask for forgiveness. When you accept His offer, Jesus will come to live in your heart. And you will be free from the stain.


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