What you believe is calling

People believe. It is an important part of our lives to believe. When people find a truth that they perceive, they believe. It may not be true at all, but they believe. Did you know that your heart is the most deceptive thing you own? Man, believes whatever is right in his own eyes. Even half-truths can be as deceptive as a lie. You should check and double check to prove a truth. Therefore, scientist don’t publish theories until they are proven to be true. Faith is a belief. It too should be tested. Faith in the beginning is more hope than belief. It is what motivates us to believe in the 1st place. If you don’t test your faith, when trouble comes your faith will fade away. The apostle Paul wrote about this very thing. He said, one says that he has faith and the other says he has works. Paul said, you will see my faith by my works. So faith to become belief must be put into practice. I have seen too many things work by the hand of God not to believe. The 1st time I prayed, I asked God to do something and He did. And He has never stop. So what do you believe in? I ask the question because what you believe is calling you.




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