I have always heard that suffering is good for the soul. I don’t know about you but I don’t like pain. It is funny because I have a high tolerance for pain. When I was young, wasp would sting me and I would feel no pain. As I got older, I broke my big toe and couldn’t move for ½ hour for the pain. But afterwards I walked around. I still feel it when it rains. Physical pain hurts at the onset but then fades as time goes by. It is still no fun. But there is a pain that doesn’t go away. That pain is spiritual. So, what am I talking about? The 1st time you were betrayed by someone. When a girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you. When someone deliberately hurt you, it smarted with pain. You have heard the saying; I would have rather taken a beating then to suffer heartache. That pain doesn’t go away with time. Even if it is not thought about for a time, it is still there. That pain can shade your judgement. And you may not even remember why. It stays with us for a lifetime. There is only one way to get rid of that pain. You must have a change of heart. And there is only one person who can give you a change of heart. That is God Himself. There is no other way. And all you have to do is ask.


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