Forgetful Hearer

Christmas is in full swing. People are out and about the business of Christmas. Family and friends are coming by to visit or even share a meal. My wife has plans to cook on Saturday. I have been buying food to cook for Christmas. The presents are brought and wrapped. All preparations have been made so that Christmas day will be eventful. People are thinking about the birth of Christ. There are church services everywhere. If you can’t find one, it is your own fault. Hanukah begins Saturday. Did you know that Jesus celebrated Hanukah? Now with all the food and presents and friends, tell me what happens on January 1st? Does everyone turn back into a pumpkin? I have seen Christmas trees in the trash a couple of days after Christmas. Do you forget about the season and go on with your life? What is Christmas for? If it isn’t to remind us who we are and where we need to be with God. Our life isn’t all about monetary gains. There is more to it than that. We need to understand why God sent Jesus to us in the first place. Jesus came to show us that we can have a relationship with God, the creator of all things. You don’t want to become a forgetful hearer. That person is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. You want to keep the knowledge of God always in your heart and mind. I hope that you will enjoy the Christmas season and remember. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.



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