As Christmas draws near, I feel a tugging on my heart. It gets stronger as the days go by. Looking forward and backwards at my life, I see what I have missed and what lies before me. It’s not so much regrets, but I miss my grandparents, parents and all the family that has gone on before me. Christmas day will be with my family at my brother’s house. I am looking forward to that. I got so nostalgic that we are going to play games after dinner, like we did when we were little. The future is uncertain expect for Jesus. And I will walk into it just as I have before. I want peace on earth and good will toward men. This is my prayer for all peoples. I know that there will not be peace until Jesus returns, but I pray any way. Maybe it will hasten God’s return to earth. So many people are hurting this time of year and it is a need that only your heart can respond to. Many people count the years by January 1st. But I count the years by Christmases. How we spent our time with family and friends, who were here and have gone on. When Jesus came the first time, the world was in turmoil. But you know it really it isn’t in any better shape. So, as we celebrate the over 2000th Christmas, let us remember why He came to us. Jesus came to bring hope for the future and the peace of God so we can live until He returns again. I want to wish you a hopeful and peaceful Christmas and the blessings of the Lord.


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