A Paradox

The heart of man is a paradox. A person, who has no strength or stamina, can, given the right circumstances, do feats of strength. There are stories of women lifting cars off of their husbands. There are stories of soldiers rescuing their comrades under fire, that would have killed lesser men. It is about what a person believes and is willing to do for another. It is all about their heart. Our physical frame can be conditioned to take on pain. Endurance is what athletes want to perform at their best. But to get to that point their heart has to be convinced that what they are doing will accomplish their goal. There are stories of physical and mental endurance that dwarfs normal life. And we aren’t made any different from each other. Our hearts function as one person. Each person is an individual, but our hearts are made from the same thing. That is where the paradox comes in. Everybody believes something and it affects our lives. But put people in the same circumstance they will act as one. My example is the floods in Louisiana in August. There were many stories of the Cajun navy. The same thing happened during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It is a paradox, that people’s heart reached out to others in need. So, it comes down to what you believe and what you are willing to risk. We can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.




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