Good Fortune

I was looking at a recipe for black-eyed peas. It looked really good. Of course, it is traditional at New Year to have ham, black eyed peas, greens and cornbread. This meal has been served in Southern homes for New Year’s dinner for many years. I grew up eating this meal and I like it. It is considered lucky food for the new year. But there really is no such thing as luck. But there is such a thing as being blessed. If you can remember an old TV show called Hee-Haw, they use to sing a song about luck. Some of the lyrics go like this, if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Well there is another saying, fortune favors the prepared. It is unfortunate that people will hope on luck and gamble their money away. A new year is here and we are expecting it to be better. That is why so many people are making new year resolutions. But the life expectancy of those resolutions are about one month. Then what are you going to do? Is it back to the same old grind or will there be change in your life? There is a way to make a difference in your life and others. And that is being blessed of God. When God blesses, it will stay no matter what comes. And the only way I found of being blessed by God is by going to Him, through prayer or worship. Remember where you can go, when you hope your gambling will pay off.


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