Wisdom or Foolishness

Wisdom is defined as a combination of understanding and experience. I knew when I began to walk with God that I didn’t know or understand enough to do anything. So, the first thing I asked for was wisdom. Learning has never been a problem for me, but stepping out and experiencing the knowledge was new to me. God took me through most everything that I had problems with. It started with boldness. I have always been a shy, introverted person. Then my lessons moved on to faith. Trusting was always an issue for me. I walk out to the hairy edge and back. Sometimes it scared me until I shook with fear. And another lesson was overcoming fear. God says that fear will bind people like rope all of their lives. You wouldn’t believe what I had to do to overcome fear. But that one made me a warrior. God says that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. And that discipline will drive it far from them. One of the most important lessons I had to learn was discipline. Because of the fear in my life, I didn’t listen to many people. I did what I wanted and anyways got into trouble. I needed discipline in my life, badly. I have walked with God for a long time. And I have come to one real truth in my life, that I know and understand very little about God. It will take an eternity to learn everything about God. But where I began with God, was that He is alive and loves me unconditionally. And you what, He still loves me after knowing me.




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