What motivates you to do something? Does it take a little or a lot to motivate you? And just as important, what does it take to stop you from doing or accomplishing goals in your life? Everyone has looked at this world and seen what they want to do. When we were young, we looked at the world and saw that it was our choice to pick what we wanted in life. As we grew, people or circumstances encouraged or discouraged us from doing what we saw as our goal in life. Some people seemed to be driven by an invisible force to accomplish everything they can in life. And on the other hand, some people couldn’t accomplish anything at all. We are only limited by ourselves. What we believe is who we are. It is funny how powerful our minds are. And yet from our minds have come the most important and innovative things in this world. You don’t have much time. All you have is your life time. And you are just a breath away from eternity. You have to choose what you are going to do. Sitting on the sideline isn’t really a choice. Even if you do nothing, things will happen around. So, it would be a whole lot better for you and the world around you to be involved. God has a plan for you. Find out today what that plan is and get involved.


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