Our Greatest Challenge

We face many things in our life. We train all of our lives to overcome obstacles in our life. We perfect skills so that they can easily be done. We are tactile as well as intellectual beings. We like to get our hands on things to figure them out. I’ll tell you a truth, I never have been able to figure out the Rubik’s cube. My sons can do it, but I have long since left it alone. Some of our greatest puzzles are not just physical but are spiritual. We are spiritual being. We have worked on figuring out who we are and what we want to do in life. Then we see the larger question, why are we here? What is the purpose for our existence? For me, it took a long time to see any good. I wander around to find the truth, but kept hitting walls. I knew there was a greater power than myself, but I seemed to be missing the point of my existence. I kept looking, unfortunately in all the wrong places. I believed that there was something or somebody who was real and could be in my life. I just wasn’t wanting to surrender to the truth. I wanted to be the master of my destiny. The only problem was I didn’t have any power to change anything. I needed someone who had the power to change my life. Finally, when I came to the end of myself, I found the person I was looking for. And you know what was the most maddening part of it all. He was right in front of me all the time. He was just waiting for me. Jesus patiently waited for me to turn around and see Him. When I saw Jesus, I knew He was the one I had been waiting for all of my life.




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