What would you give for the chance to obtain your dreams? Would you leave your native home, cross an ocean, to a place that doesn’t speak your language? Would you up root your family, not knowing whether or not you could survive? Then getting there, meant that you had to work for slave wages to provide for your family. Then working in unsafe conditions that actually killed many people. All this just to be able to live a life free for tyranny. And calling this place the promised land. What would you do to reach this land? Would you stowaway on ships, swim rivers, go through deserts to reach this promised land? Always being afraid that you would be caught and deported or killed. When you got to the promised land, people hated you because they came before you. They didn’t want you to take their jobs or positions. Trying to learn a foreign language than would someday become your native tongue. But knowing in your heart that this was the right thing to do. Would you take that chance to live a life you always dreamed of? This land is a country of immigrants. They came from every nation in the world. Wanting what was promised, that they could be free and raise their family with dignity. My family immigrated to this country 400 years ago. They weren’t wealthy or politically important. But made their way through struggles and wars. They came from every circumstance and situation in the world. Only to speak one language, American.


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