The Strength of the Community

Today, 1/3 of all monies spent in America, goes to entitlements, social security, Medicare or welfare. Though they have value, our system is being over burdened with debt. The sentiment behind these systems were honorable. The people who started these programs wanted to help people who hit hard times, but not to support them for their entire life. When people immigrated to this country, there was no guarantee that money was available to anyone who didn’t work. There was only hope that people would help you get started in life. What the people had was a community of like-minded people. And based on the strength of that community, it prospered or failed. Abraham Lincoln left his Kentucky to move to little town in Illinois that came into existence a year before. He lived there doing any kind of work he could find. Abraham lived there for 10 years, then he moved to Springfield, Ill., to study to be a lawyer. That little town went out of existence a year after he left. This same story has been played out in every community across this land. Where people help each other to make a living to raise their family and become part of a community. The key is that everyone does their part to build the community. Working together building a life to be proud. Then you have a community of people to be proud of. The work ethic is part of this nation’s history and heritage. When it is taken away, what you get is nothing. This is why the message of this president rings true in every heart. It is the strength of the community that will make this nation great again.

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