My family has always tried to stay close to each other. My earliest recollections of my family were a get together in a park where they prepared food, the men played cards and everyone danced to music that my cousins played. I have gathered with my family since I was little. Whenever there was chance to meet, we came together. Even if it was just for coffee and fellowship. We were always driving out to the country to meet those who could come. My immediate family always came together for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. What this did was to build relationships across generational lines. Everyone knew who you were and would talk to you about anything. I knew my great grand aunts. The family was close to each other. When we would travel, we would stay with relatives across the country. We were a family unit. It didn’t matter how rich or poor you were. If you were family, that was what was important. It gave me a sense of community, that I wasn’t alone in this world. God’s family is the same way. It is across generational lines. It doesn’t matter where you came from or what color you are. If God accepted you into the family, you are a member of my family. And my family hasn’t stopped growing. There are still more people to join my family. The sense of community is as strong as my earthly family. And I love them just the same, because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts. If you are looking for a home and family to belong to, just turn to God and ask Him to come in. No matter who you are, God will accept you.


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