It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The skies are clear. It is 48 degrees and it seems to be a perfect day. But there is a 63% change of rain in the forecast. Again, what constitutes a perfect day? It is all in your perception that counts. What you see and believe is what you think and are. It could be a hurricane and still be a perfect day. As a child, there was nothing better than a storm to keep me from school. When I began to grow up, things changed in my life. My priorities changed with the season. I knew what I wanted to do, but didn’t always know how to get there. I was always searching for the way to accomplish my goals. Some ways didn’t turn out to be so good and I paid for them. Sometimes I paid dearly. But I knew that if I kept searching I would find the perfect way. I also knew that I wasn’t the only person who knew which way to go. I had to listen to other people to find what I wanted. Sometimes, I had to listen to things I didn’t want to hear or let alone do. But I knew that if a listened, I would find the right way in life. It took years for me, because I am as stubborn as hell. I would dig my heels in so much that people would just walk away from me. I try very hard not to be that way, but it pops out every so often. I found the Way, almost by accident I thought. But it was all by design. My life had been plan and I stumbled on to it. I have been walking in that plan for some 40 years. And I still stumble sometimes, but now I have someone to help me up and put me back on the path. Yes, it is God, Himself. You see He says, all things work together for good, for them that love God and are called according to His promises. Thank God.


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