Being Afraid of doing Right

People don’t start out afraid of things. Fear creeps in after experiencing trauma. We have a built-in response called fright and flight. It is there to keep us safe in any situation. That response can trigger a greater amount of fear. Learning to control this response is an on-going task for us. And overcoming this response seems to be a very hard task. Lately, people in this country have found their lives to be uncertain. This is due to the loss of jobs, money, stability and trust in our country. The last political/presidential group promised the world and delivered nothing. They blamed the group before them for all the problems and created more trouble than it was worth. All of this began to destabilize this country. But I really think that was the plan all along. And I am not talking about the best laid plans of mice and men. I really believe this was God’s plan all along. It was about putting fear in the heart of man so he would listen. If you haven’t noticed, for the past 16 years, there has been disaster after disaster. They are growing in intensity. And most people just shrug them off as part of life. Let me tell you a story of courage. On the third day after Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdelan and Jesus’ mother went to the tomb to finish burying Jesus. They had to bury Him in a hurry before Passover started. The Religious leaders were still looking for the followers of Jesus and the tomb was guarded by the Romans. But they were going to give Jesus a proper burial. They didn’t care what anyone said or did. They were going to do what was right even if it cost them their lives. They weren’t afraid of doing right.


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