Unconditional Love

I was at a restaurant, when a little girl came running by calling for her grandmother. She was calling for her because she said, someone was trying to get her. Her mother was following the little girl. When they finished eating, the little girl was calling her grandmother to make sure she was coming with them. It was obvious that the little girl loved and felt secure with her grandmother. We all remember that time in our life when we were safe and secure and loved. So, what happened? We all grew up and found that were on our own. And that security, we had as a child seemed to vanish in the morning mist. And the real love we had also seemed to vanish. Being secure and secure in love are a large part of our lives. We search for this all of our lives. Some people seem to find this easier than others. It seems that what this world offers is only conditional love and security. It is where you do this and I’ll do that. It is temporary and not worth much. But I was fortunate, that some friends lead me to real love and security. It took a while for me to understand the difference. But when I did, I found my way back to God. Then, I finally realized that God had loved me unconditionally from the beginning of time. And He offered me the security of heaven and the angels. You know what is funny, all you have to do is to ask God. You see it is for every human being.




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