My wife and I like to try different restaurant. I should say occasionally. For the most part, we like to go restaurants that we have been to before. Because we can relax and enjoy a meal that is familiar to us. Now, my wife has been in most retail stores in our city. She likes to shop and will go hunting for hours. And usually buy the first item she saw and liked. But it also is about being familiar with the stores to find what she needs. Being familiar with something is a character trait. We want what makes us comfortable. The strange or unusual we will tolerant, sometimes. This applies to most everything in our lives. We are adaptable, but like a habit it takes 30 days to make or break one. It is easier to go with the familiar than the strange. God doesn’t always do anything the same way. But He does start us off with familiarity. Even the most ardent heathen knows if desperate times, God is the one person go to for help. And He also sends friends or family to talk to us about the Lord. God knows that we will respond to familiarity better than the unknown. God took me from my comfort zone to the living in the unknown, so that I could be effective in His kingdom. But even in the unknown, I have God with me every step of the way. So, you see that I still walk in the familiar all the way back to heaven.




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