What ever happened to Esau?

Abraham had a son named Isaac. Isaac had twin sons named Esau and Jacob. Jacob’s family went on to become nation of Israel. But what ever happened to Esau? Before Isaac died, he blessed both of his sons. Jacob received the promises of God and Esau didn’t receive as much. Esau, none the less, was blessed by God, because he was Isaac’s son. Esau moved his family to a place in Jordan, called Petra. There he prospered and built a small kingdom of Edom. They were developed a trading center for the region. People from all over came to Edom to buy and sell. It was a stronghold in the mountains. They had their own water system, farms and herds of sheep and goats. They had a small army because the mountains protected them. But something went wrong. Israel had become the powerhouse of the region. And most countries wanted to destroy Israel. For a long time, Edom didn’t fight against Israel. There came a time when the countries of the region came to fight Israel. They wanted Edom to join them or they would fight against them. Edom joined the armies and fought Israel. But Edom did more than any other country and committed atrocities. God didn’t forget what Edom did to his brother. Because of their pride and unbelief, God destroyed Edom. They never rose up again. And so, it is with anyone who sets himself against God. God will forgive many things, but man must ask for forgiveness.




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