Mary Magdalene

The story of Mary Magdalene isn’t an usual one. She was by all rights a prostitute in the city of Jerusalem. She sold her body for money. It was a hard life. Jesus came to visit a man named Simon. He was a Pharisee and fairly wealthy. Jesus was seated at Simon’s table and they were having good food and conversation. God had shone His light on Mary’s life. She knew that everything she was, was wrong. And that she was separated from God. She had heard that Jesus was in town and sought Him out. She took with her an alabaster jar of ointment. Apparently the people at Simon’s house knew her and she got in. Jesus was already seated at the table eating. She headed straight for Him. Mary began to wash His feet with her tears and anoint them with the ointment. Simon being a good host didn’t say out loud what he was thinking. Though he thought Jesus should know better than to let this women touch Him. Jesus rebuked Simon for not being a good host and providing water to wash his feet or ointment to anoint His head. He turned to Mary and said her faith had saved her life and that her sins were forgiven. God doesn’t tell a story but for no good reason. They always relate to us. This was an important story that anyone can go to God and ask for forgiveness. And God will forgive us our sins.  I can see myself in that story, can you?


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