Is There Really a God?

Many people have tried to prove that there is no God. I have to laugh at their ignorance. It is sad to try to prove that man is really god. During the French Revolution, one of their leaders was named Robespierre. He was as racial a human being that there ever was. The Reign of Terror came about because of him. He had over 40,000 people killed in a year and half. He hated God and wanted to prove that there was no God. He had a new born son and to prove there was no God, he separated his son from everyone. He alone would teach him. When the child was old enough to understand, he began worshipping the sun. God wrote His laws in our heart, so that if we never did hear about Him, we still would know Him. The French people finally had had enough of Robespierre and executed him. When is the last time you could bring someone back from the dead? When is the last time you could make a tree grow or heal someone? God is who He is. We don’t have the power to do anything that God does. Jesus did say we were gods because of what happened in the Garden of Eden. Our free will made us gods, little g. Without the power of God we can do nothing. Jesus said to Paul on the road to Damascus, it is hard to kick against the pricks.


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