In Search of America

For over 400 years, people have come to the new world in search of their dreams. These dreams range from freedom to riches and sometimes it was a mixture of everything. They heard of an opportunity to improve their lives and that of their families. For the most part, the people that came were middle class to poor. The wealthy had their place in life. My family came about 400 years ago. They wanted freedom of religion and an opportunity to live the way they wanted. They were French protestants. Many of the people didn’t survive the voyage over from their native land. But that didn’t stop them from coming. Many people called this land the promised land, as in the bible. To them it was a land flowing with milk and honey. You know it is still called the promised land. It still holds the promise of a better future to anyone who is willing to work hard and make a life for themselves. It is funny, that Americans seemed to have lost their way in their own country. The American dream was and is if you work hard, you can make a good life for yourself and your family. It is also funny, that America has sent missionaries to every country in the world. And now the missionaries are now coming to America. It is because they see that America has lost it’s way. There is no future without God in your life. It is time to repent and to return to our Father. I don’t know how long we have left. Time is running out for this world to search for America.


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