It is a very common word. It is uses in almost everywhere. But what does it really mean? In the US Declaration of Independence it says that all men are created equal. It doesn’t mean that they will be treated equally. Although the US is the melting pot of the world and most people bring their national pride with them to this country. This doesn’t always make a harmonious situation. But I must say that as the rest of the world goes the US has comes as close as humanly possible.  People are separated by ethnic background, money, color of their skin, beauty, relative size or just plain stupidity. The US has legislated equality as far as it can be taken. It doesn’t mean that it works. You have to change the heart of man first. You look around and see so many programs to educate people or laws to stop human activity. You can educate people until they can’t stand it anymore and it means nothing. You can’t stop human activity until they want to. And the only way I know to do that is to change a person’s heart. You want to take a guess where you have to go to change your heart?  It ain’t your local grocery store. You know the place already. God is the only one who can change a man’s heart. This is the only way to stop the evil in this world. It doesn’t happen with the educated or sophisticated. But getting back to equality, the only place I know of is in the kingdom of God. God says that He is no respecter of persons. Everyone is equal is the kingdom of God. That is why you can’t take anything with to heaven. Being equal in God’s kingdom means that you will stand before God for yourself. There will be no excuses either. This is real equality.




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