There is all kinds of music. I have my own preferences. I like jazz, not Dixieland but blues, like George Benson or Dizzy Gillespie. I all so like Gospel, Adult Contemporary Christian music. I also like Classical, like Bach, Beethoven or Mozart. Did you know that Mozart had a God given talent that he could write music in his head then transfer it to paper? Did you know that most people started singing or playing a musical in church? Jimmy Hendrix was a preacher’s son. Even Elvis started by singing Gospel. Most Country Western Singers and musicians sing Gospel. When you see a musical prodigy, it is a gift of God. Music began with God and actually will end with Him. Music stirs the soul of man for very real reason. Music was given to us by God and we being the image and likeness of God are moved. Unfortunately some people are moved by music to the other side away from God. Just as faith and unbelief are the flip sides of the same coin. Music can be positive or negative.  I was a music director for a Christian radio station. I listened to all the music sent to the radio station. Then I chose selection for the station. I like that job, because I listen to music all day long. It was interesting to me. I chose music sometimes that conflicted with what the Music Company wanted us to play. I got one guy so angry at me. He fused but I wouldn’t budge on the selection. I had a criteria for selecting music. He called back the next day and apologized to me. Music stirs the soul of man for a real reason. I pray that it stirs you to move toward God.

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