Being meek isn’t what most people think it is. Meek isn’t weakness. Before I knew the Lord, I wasn’t meek in any shape or form. I had a tongue like a razor. It was sharp and cut people all the time. I had learned how to use my tongue as a weapon. I am surprised that no one tried to shoot me. Many people got very angry with me. Even my family didn’t want to be around me. It was all the anger and bitterness in my heart that kept flowing out. God says that if you can’t control your tongue, you have no control over yourself. It wasn’t until I met the Lord, that my life began to change. One to the things that God wanted to teach me was meekness. So I wouldn’t get angry with people over a difference of opinion. Even if there opinion was rude or unkind.  I learned to be gentle and meek with people so God could heal them. I learned to stand and take abuse that was unfair. Sometimes being ridiculed for being a Christian. God says that hard words don’t accomplish anything. All they do is stir up strife. Sometimes I can feel angry trying to bubble up in me. And I can hear some old comments I have made to people. But Jesus paid the price for me. So I don’t have to be that way anymore. I can be kind and meek with people so they can see God.


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