Everybody has heard about the Temperance League. Carrie Nation sick of seeing people waste their lives with alcohol formed a league of women. They were going to do something about this problem. She finally got the US Congress to pass the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution. This amendment prohibited the sale of alcohol. She had the right idea but went about it the wrong way. If you want people to stop a certain behavior, you have to change a person’s heart. Then the behavior will stop. The only way I know to change a person’s heart is if God does it. No one has the power to change anything. Some good things came out of prohibition. People started saving their money. But temperance is an attitude of your heart. Moderation is what most people strive for. Look at our New Year’s resolutions. And you know how long that last. Most people don’t want excess in their lives. It leads to too much trouble. Unfortunately, people don’t want what God has because they think it will place them in a cage. Actually it will do the opposite and set you free. Free to be as moderate and temperate as you really want to be. So temperance isn’t a bad thing. It actually is a good way to live your life. We have a saying, all things in moderation. Remember that it is the overindulgence that leads to sin. Let God show you how to live a temperate life.




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