Gifts of the Holy Spirit-The Word of Wisdom

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is knowledge and experience combined to produce understanding. Knowing something and understanding are 2 different things. I knew about Jesus all my life. But it wasn’t until I experienced the life changing part of salvation, I really didn’t know Him. We think that we gain wisdom as we grow older. I had hope for it, but it wasn’t exactly the way it worked. Solomon asked God for wisdom to rule Israel. God gave him more than any man will ever receive. Then on top of all that God made him the richest man that ever lived. All through the ages man has tried to conquer the world. Solomon ruled the world through God. Solomon wrote the book of Proverbs in one day. In it he said, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. God says that He will give wisdom to anyone that asks Him. All it takes is that you recognize that you don’t know and need God’s help. I have needed wisdom many times and have received it. Then refused to accept it and the results. It cost me when I didn’t listen to God. There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Word of Wisdom is the answer to a question that people are praying for. God will give you the answer and you in turn give it to the person who needs it. It is strange sometimes how it works. I have given a word of wisdom to people who never told me a thing. They would look at me funny and ask how I knew. God of course. God will give the answer to His people to help them live the life. God usually gives 3 of the gifts to His children. If their position with God requires more gifts, then God will give them. Every gift is important to God and must be handled with respect and reverence.


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