Gifts of the Holy Spirit-The Word of Knowledge

Every prophet in the Old Testament had the word of knowledge working in their lives. They knew things that were going to happen before it ever did. So they would have time to go and tell the people what was going to happen. The sad part of it was that the children of Israel didn’t always believe the prophets. Sometimes they even killed their prophets. Hopefully this doesn’t happen when you give people a word of knowledge. One time I was just talking to this fellow and his life flashed before me. I saw his childhood, his dog, his high school, his girlfriend, his children and everything that happen to him in about 3 seconds. I stumbled back and asked God not to do that again. It was too much information. I saw a friend living in Scotland and saw the city where he lived. I had never been there or seen any pictures of the city. God tells His people beforehand what is going to happen. I have known where hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico were going. When I have given a word of knowledge, again people look at me funny and ask how you knew. The only answer is God, of course. Ever looked at someone and told them that if they go this way they would have an accident. That is a word of knowledge. With practice it can flow all the time. But there are conditions. Each person must first accept Jesus into their heart. Then each person must be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When these 2 conditions are met, then God will give the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Again the power of God isn’t for personal use or abuse. God will not give His power to a sinner.



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