Gifts of the Holy Spirit-Discerning of Spirits

We are made up of 3 different parts. We are body, soul and spirit. Our body is physical. Our body is made of the dust of the earth. Our soul is the life of God that connects us to our physical body. Our spirit is who we are. It consist of our mind, will and intellect. We are spiritual being. God is a spirit. When we died we will join God in His realm the spirit world. Angels are ministering spirit. And by the will and power of God can move from the spirit world into the physical world. God and His angels are working for our good. But there is another group of spirits that will destroy us if they can. Lucifer and his angels tried to take over heaven and overthrow God. Jesus said that He saw the devil and his angels fall from heaven as a lightning bolt. They were condemned for their sin and cast into hell. God controls hell with a tight fist. The devil can only do what God allows. So there are 2 sides, one good and one evil. The gift of discerning of spirits is used to tell what is there. When I first began to walk with God, I was angry at what the devil had done to me. I wanted to destroy him wherever I found him. I went on seek and destroy missions. I would root out the enemy. The gift of discerning spirits was working in life and I was going to use it. God let me go for about a month. Then He stopped me one day and asked what I was doing. I told Him that I rooting out the devil. And I was successful at it. Then God said what you are doing is still following the devil. He said, stop it and follow Me. When you run across the enemy you will cast him out. But follow Me. I did and have never regretted it. I have seen God’s angels, Jesus and God Himself. It doesn’t matter about the devil’s side, because you cast them out and back into hell. The gift is used to pray for people who need deliverance, healing and general ministry. But there are conditions. Each person must first accept Jesus into their heart. Then each person must be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When these 2 conditions are met, then God will give the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Again the power of God isn’t for personal use or abuse. God will not give His power to a sinner.


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