Gifts of the Holy Spirit-The Working of Miracles

A miracle is when God sovereignly intervenes in the affairs of man. Then there are people that God choses to bring miracles to pass. Not by their own power but by the power of God. I was at my church one day when I met this missionary couple for Africa. They were T.L. and Daisy Osborn. An older couple who were touring the US. I got to talk with him for a while. What was interesting about Brother Osborn is that God would send him into a certain town in Africa. When he got there, he would go into the local funeral home and pull a dead man out of the coffin. As he began praying for the dead man, he can back to life. Then he would hold a revival meeting in that town. Every one showed up and many people received the gospel of Christ. That is the working of miracles. There was another man I had the good fortune of talking to. His name was Hubert Lindsey. Most people knew him as Holy Hubert. He and his wife preach the gospel on the University of California, at Berkley campus. He preached during the late 1960’s. That was when groups like the Black Panthers, SDS and the Weather Underground were on campus. Most every day Hubert and his wife were beaten up. They were taken to the hospital and God healed them each day. He never missed a day on campus. It is recorded that over 200 times, Hubert pointed his finger at a person who came to kill him and said this day you will die. And they dropped dead on the spot. This is the working of miracles. I have seen God put bones back into people who didn’t have them. I have seen mountains moved because of God. The Working of Miracles is a power gift of God. But there are conditions. Each person must first accept Jesus into their heart. Then each person must be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When these 2 conditions are met, then God will give the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Again the power of God isn’t for personal use or abuse. God will not give His power to a sinner.



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