Gifts of the Holy Spirit-The Gifts of Healing

Healing has always been part of God’s provision for man, because the sin of man brought death and destruction to this world. Man never had the power to change the calamity he brought to this world. Do you know the first time God used the gifts of healing? When the children of Israel were wondering in the desert, they were plagued with snakes. We talking asps. God gave them a symbol to look at each time they were bitten. They would be healed by God. But of course man had to make the symbol into a god. Guess what symbol it was? It is the medical symbol of doctors. God had to make the way for man. This was also done by the Roman interrogation, the whip used on Jesus. The bible says that Jesus looked like a piece of raw hamburger meat after the Romans finished. The exact words are that He was marred more than any man. The bible also says that by Jesus’ stripes, we are healed. God has been making a way for man since the beginning of time. Healing is what God wants for us. Gifts of Healing are given to man to help man. There has been many famous people that God gave the Gifts of Healing to. Some of the most recent people, in the last 150 years, are Smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple McPherson, Katherine Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin and Benny Hinn. Katherine Kuhlman would just call it out in a meeting. Then the person or persons who it referred to was healed. Oral Roberts would call it out on TV. Then the person was healed. God would tell the minister that He was healing a person with cancer and that person was healed. The gifts of healing are a very special gift from God. It is most definitely a power gift. Again, there are conditions to receiving this gift. Each person must first accept Jesus into their heart. Then each person must be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When these 2 conditions are met, then God will give the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Again the power of God isn’t for personal use or abuse. God will not give His power to a sinner.


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