There is so much talk about aliens and foreigners in our countries. Not only are they talking about people from other countries, but the ones from outer space. America is a nation of immigrants. Everybody came to this country from another or their parents or grandparents or so on did. Except for the native Americans, everybody immigrated. Eleven generations ago, my family immigrated to this country in 1637. I was born in this country. So, I’m considered an American. But still I am an alien or foreigner to this country and this world. God set in motion everything when He created this world. He placed us on this particular planet to live. But this isn’t our home. We are just traveling through. We are citizens in another world. A world that exists side by side with this one. We can from that world and were born into this one. But this is temporary. It will eventually disappear when time runs out. We were placed here to prove that God is real and intervenes in the affairs of man. History is replete with how God changed man’s world over and over again. God showed man how to live and he refused to do so. Man got into trouble bigger than himself and God intervened. Then He sent His son, Jesus, and man killed him to prove that he was god. All God is doing is trying to get us home with Him. So you see, we are actually aliens in this world. Who would have thought? All I want is to go home to my Father.


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