Football Season

Football season in South Louisiana is as big as it gets. People support their teams come hell or high water. At a regular LSU game in Baton Rouge, there are at least 85,000 people in the stands. This doesn’t not count the people outside tailgating. Also, this weekend in Baton Rouge is the Hot Air Balloon Festival. They say the traffic is backed up for hours. Then there is the New Orleans Saints, a NFL team. When they are in town, most of the hotels are booked solid. My wife is a fanatical Saints fan. There is nothing better for her, than to go to a Saints game in the Superdome in New Orleans. Unfortunately, this year has been a losing season for most football teams in Louisiana. They say, it is a building season for them. But it doesn’t dampen the fans spirit. Like with the Saints, during the many losing seasons, fans would go to the game with a brown paper bags on the head. But they would go to the game anyway. If only, people would have that kind of enthusiasm for God and His kingdom. Where they would want to be in His presence. What a church that would be. Unfortunately, the only time that happens is when there is a major disaster. After 9/11, churches across America were filled for about 3-4 weeks. Then, well not so much. God deserves our passion, as much or more than any football team. He gave us everything, including football season.

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