Looming Disasters

When Israel was taken captive by the Assyrians, they were in captivity for 70 years. The number isn’t random. God had set up agricultural laws to benefit the Israelites. Every 7th year, the ground wasn’t to be tilled. It was to lay fallow, so the nutrients could return to the soil. But the Israelites didn’t listen to God for 490 years. So, God removed them from the land and only left shepherds. There are such examples of looming disasters throughout the bible. Do you know why there is such a great debate over global warming? Because this is a looming disaster. God destroyed mankind, once before by water. But He promised that He wouldn’t do that again. The rainbow is the sign of His covenant. God did say that He would destroy mankind again but by fire. God is telling people that it is coming. Just like the Israelites of old, knew that a disaster was coming. Since the year 2000, there has been a disaster after disaster. It has been nonstop. God is speaking to mankind, telling them to prepare the end is coming. And whether it is tomorrow or in a 100 years from now, it is time to prepare for the end. One of the signs of an end to a people is immorality. This country is rack with immorality. People are excepting it as normal. When in fact, it will kill you both physically and spiritually. Then it will cast you into hell. There is a looming disaster of which no one will escape. We will stand before God to answer for this life. Then what will you do?




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