Does God communicate with man?

When I started walking with God, I was just like everyone who believed that God doesn’t talk to us. He answers prayer, but not in a conversation. As I looked at the Old Testament, I saw that God spoke to the prophets. But that was a select few. The disciples talked to Jesus, but He was standing next to them. I must confess that I really hadn’t read the bible before I started with God. All the religion classes that I took were about me being as good as I could. It was never about how much God wants to fellowship with us. So, I began reading the bible, as fast as I could. I had a bible at home, one in the car and one at work. I would stop at a red light and read a verse or two. I have never read the bible through as a book in 40 years. Whenever I began to read, God would stop me and explain a verse. It took a while for me to trust that it was God talking to me. God began by quoting scripture to me. I have always like the KJV bible. I like the old English and how flowery it was spoken. I went looking in the New Testament for a scripture that said that God speaks to us. In 1st John, chapter 5, the discussion is about the Holy Spirit bearing witness of Jesus in our life. In Luke 12:12 and John 14:26, Jesus said that He would send a teacher to instruct us in the ways of God. So, God does talk to us. But most people don’t recognize His voice. You remember when you were young and want to do something bad. There was a voice inside of us that told us not to do it. Who do you think that was? God Himself talking directly to you. To answer the question, yes, God does communicate with man.


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