The Heart is a lonely Hunter Part #3

Have you ever looked at a hardened, grisly person cry? It will touch you heart because you see the real person coming through. As much as our exterior has walled off the world, when a person cries, their heart is coming through. When you see their heart, you see the real person. Therefore, most people hide their heart. It is vulnerable and can feel much pain.  I learned early in life to hide my heart. I could play the game and nobody knew the difference. If anyone got too close, I would launch a volley of insults to chase them off. I got so good at insults, that no one wanted to be around me. I wanted people to like me, but I wasn’t willing to risk the pain I would suffer. One day I found one person, who wasn’t afraid of the insults and saw my heart. I fell in love with this person, but eventually, the hardest of my heart drove her away. but I never stopped looking for a person to love me for me. My heart was always hunting. Years later, a friend introduced me to someone that I saw might give me peace. I wasn’t sure about all of it. But I listened for three months. Finally, I decided to meet this person. You know what is funny, that person wasn’t afraid of my insults and saw my heart. When I went to meet this person, I was in a crowd of five hundred people. But it was like I was the only one there. And this person was waiting for me to come and meet Him. If you haven’t guessed who He is, His name is Jesus. I’ll continue the story tomorrow.


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