The Heart is a lonely Hunter Part #4

We are three in one, exactly like God. We are body, soul and spirit. Our body is made from the dust of the earth, our soul is the life of God and our spirit is who we are. Our spirit is also known as our heart. It is where all information is stored from the day of our birth through eternity. Not only do we remember everything we have done, God will at the end of time open the book of life and ask us why. To continue the story, when I met Jesus, my heart still was in pain with much anger. But Jesus gave me peace enough to work on the pain and anger. Nothing is ever easy, but it is always simple. I had to walk through the pain and anger to get rid of it. it didn’t disappear all at once. God had to root it out of me. That was a fun time. But what God was doing was freeing me from the anguish to be able to serve Him. Though I was raised in church, I knew nothing of God. He had to teach me step by step, line upon line, here a little and there a little. Slowly the picture of who Jesus is came into focus. I asked God for wisdom. He gave me understanding far beyond anything I see or know. Another one that He gave me was the ability to see people’s hearts. When I look at a person, I see their hearts. If you will listen to a person speak, you will hear who they are within 10 minutes. And everybody does it. The heart of man is a lonely hunter. And what each person is hunting for is God, Himself. God put that desire in us. Don’t brush it aside. It is most important in your life. Find out what your heart can actually see.


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