How do you know that you have changed? Several years ago, a woman, a celebrity, who came out of pornography, was projecting an image of Christianity. The people around me said look how she has changed. I said that it may not be so. It may be just that pornography may not convenient for her. Change isn’t proved by the way you act. It is proved by the fruit you leave behind. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. She came to Jesus and wash His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She became an integral part of Jesus’ ministry. She took of Mary, Jesus’ mother. She was at the cross when Jesus died and at the tomb when He rose from the dead. Matthew, Jesus’s brother, a tax collector and friend to prostitutes, gave up his life and follow Jesus to the grave. Change isn’t putting on a show. It is a choice, changing your lifestyle. As people can see you, it will show through everything you do. God said, He would change us into the image of His dear son, here a little, there a little. Until, we become, what God intended us to be from the beginning, the image and likeness of Jesus, Himself. Because the bible says, unless we become that image, we will not see Jesus when He returns. So, change is important in our lives. Have you looked in the mirror lately? What do you see?


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