Bonding two distinct objects together requires glue. Did you know that glue is 100’s of years old? The first glues were made of bone. It isn’t a very good glue but it worked for their purpose. Today, we have super glues. It will bond anything together almost permanently. Ever glued your fingers together with super glue? Only acetone, finger nail polish remover, will dissolve the super glue. If only bonding between two people would be so simple. There are bonds between people that will last for a lifetime. The bonds of parents to children, the bonds between husband and wife and bonds of friendship are just a few. A bond is built on a trust between the parties and built on for a life time. There are many things that will strain or even break a bond between two parties. The first and foremost is stress causes by finances, work, other people or even their own selfishness. The second reason is caused by the first and that is fear. it is the fear of the unknown, whether or not there will be enough money or the separation by work or even other people. It becomes insidious when other people try to separate two people for their own selfishness. Marriage is a bond that no one should try to break. It is popular today to get a divorce because of another person or people are unwilling to try to solve their problems. Marriage is not just a bond, it is a covenant with God. God says woe to the person who breaks a covenant. That means they are in for hell on this earth as well as the world to come. Marriage was the first covenant God ever made. And He says, let no man divide asunder the marriage covenant. Bonding takes effort on each person’s part to bring it together and keep it there.


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