This is a virtue that everyone needs and literally no one wants. To obtain patience, you must go through a trial. Sometimes the trial is severe and sometimes not. But at any rate, it will test your endurance and stickability. Today is the Me generation. I want it now and hurry up about it. There is no waiting or anticipation. When I came to the Lord, I was in no condition to fend for myself. I had to rely upon God’s good graces. He lovingly took me step by step to become a whole person again. God held off my patience trial until I was healed enough to contend with it. It took about 2 years before it started. I thought I was doing very well until this woman named Peggy came into my life. She was a church member and a few bricks shy of a full load. And that is being kind. She started in on me the first day. Her insults were barbed and flung at me. She was very adept at insulting people. It very much reminded me of me. I went to God in prayer. God reminded me that she was sister in the Lord and to do her no harm. God said you are to pray and say out loud, that she is a blessing to me. It took a while for the prayer to work. Although, the prayer wasn’t for her, it was for me. Finally, the prayer worked and my heart was changed. Peggy became a blessing to me. Unfortunately, her problems were severe and didn’t get resolved. She ended up back home in Mississippi. God changed my heart and I had a lot more patience with people. When you pray asking God for things, be sure you understand what you are asking for. Prayer covers a multitude of sins.


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