A Time of Healing

The only bone I have ever broken was my big toe. That little member of my body hurt so much that I couldn’t speak for the 1st half hour. There isn’t much you can do for a broken big toe. You can’t put a splint on the broken bone. All I could do was to put my foot up. It took about 6 weeks to heal. And at certain times, it still hurts. I can just about image people who brake multiple bones. It doesn’t matter what is broken, it always takes time to heal. And depending on the wound, it may take a lifetime. The healing process is a very necessary part of our lives. Wounds that are never treated lead to all sorts of problems as well as death. I have a friend who was a marine grunt at Khe Sanh in Vietnam. He lives in town near me, but he never came home from Vietnam. He is what you call the walking dead. He hasn’t let go of the hurt. Healing begins when you finally let go of the pain. There is no easy way to be healed. You really have to walk through the pain. I know that when I finally let God begin to heal me, I had to turn over to God the wounds and the pain. Which meant that I had to relive the incident. But then God took it away, not to be remembered again. To be healed God goes through your heart and pulls out everything that you have hidden in your heart. Sometimes, things that you don’t even remember. God doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of your relationship with Him. Jesus was beaten with 39 stripes to provide our healing. And by His stripes I am healed. Thank God.




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