Run to the Sound of the Guns

I first heard this expression in an old movie about General George Armstrong Custer. General Custer graduated at the bottom of his class at West Point. He was always in trouble. But when he graduated, and the American Civil War started, his superiors saw something in him. The first action he commanded was covering the retreat of the Union Army at the First Battle of Bull Run. He rose through the rank quickly. His men loved and trusted him. He led from the front in every action. You see, General Custer believed that you always run to the sound of the guns. His courage and bravery were beyond compare. Great military leaders always believe that you faced your enemy head on. King David ran into the thickest part of the battle. This display of courage isn’t limited to military men. There are many people who show this courage in their lives. The almost 300 firemen that ran into the burning World Trade Center and lost their lives. All the First Responders that risk their lives on a daily basic. The last and most videoed display of courage was the shootings in Las Vegas. Policemen ran in the middle of the shooting to rescue the people caught in the crossfire. Let’s not forget the fireman who fought the fires in California. Courage and bravery are virtues to be honored. It doesn’t mean that they are perfect. But it does mean that they should be respected and honor them for their courage. Courage runs to the sound of the guns.


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