Why Wait

Procrastination is putting off doing things until tomorrow. Things that you can do today. I know about this state of being. Unfortunately I know it well. I would work long hours and come home tired. And all I wanted was to sit down and relax. There was something to do at home. It needed my attention right away. But I didn’t do and somehow it never got done. Some of these things were very important. It concerned either my wife or children. And I regret it to this day. Over the years I have learn many lessons the hard way. Instead of just doing what I needed to do in the first place. If you let regret pile up it becomes very hard sometimes. When I first started with the Lord, I was excited to be busy in the kingdom of God. I wanted nothing else than to be doing God’s will in my life. As I added responsibility to my wagon, it became a wagon train. I had to learn to let God take the load for me. I couldn’t do it myself. Nor did I want to pull the load myself. God says that He will not give us anything heavier than we are capable of carrying. Why carry the load yourself? I have seen people crumble under the load. Some it destroyed them. This is not what God wants. Our lives are meant to be joyous and fruitful. We are meant to be an honor to God and His mercy. How can we be an example of kingdom if we are crushed by life itself? God says cast your cares upon Me, for my burden is easy and my yoke is light. So why wait for life to destroy who you are, let God help you and live accordingly.




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