This is the Day

I am sitting here at my computer trying to write, but looking out of the window at the gorgeous weather we are having. It is clear skies and 51 degrees at 9am in the morning. I live in the deep south in America and 51-degree weather is rare. It only happens every so often. I have a touch of spring fever, though it is the end of October. I guess you would call it fall fever. Now I want to write and say something clever, but my brain is stuck in neutral. I have my favorite cup of coffee and am comfortable in my business chair. So, the business of writing is totally eluding me. I want to jump start my brain and all it says to me is chill. It is like fighting on 2 different fronts. It can drive you crazy. My body is talking to my brain and won’t let go. I already have been out of the house. I had errands to run earlier this morning. So, I was up, bathed and dress, out the door, when I had to come back in and get a coat. It was 46 degrees outside. People up north would laugh at that temperature. But in the deep south, hot weather is what we have most of the year. Even for Christmas, it’s normally hot weather. So, our blood is thin and cold weather chills us to the bone. So, I am sitting here thinking about what I could write about. Then all of a sudden, I remembered, this is the day that the Lord has made. And I will rejoice and be glad in it. Praise God for His mercy and grace that He gives to us.


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