Heartache is the pain of suffering lost. Do know what the interesting thing about that is heartache is a spiritual condition. But that registers in the physical world. It being that your physical heart hurts. Your mind, will and intellect are all spiritual. They, as a collective, existing in heaven as well as on earth. Your heart is tied to your physical body. God tied your spirit to your physical body by the breath of life or your soul. So what happens to your physical body happens to your spirit. Some societies believe that your spirit and body are separate and can’t interact. Guilt is a spiritual condition. Again it can physically affect your body in a dramatic way. Anger is another spiritual condition. It is clinically known that it causes cancer. Your body and spirit are tied together. God made it so that we as a human can understand that everything we do affects us. Why do you think that God instructed our parents to teach us the right way? It is for our health and well-being. God said it the truth shall set you free. Set us free from what? The fear of death has held us in bondage all of our lives. To set us free from bondage. Jesus descended into hell and took the keys of death and hell away from the devil. So that we could be free from it. It also says that Jesus led captivity captive. It means that Jesus led the saints in hades to freedom into the kingdom of heaven. So are you tired of heartache and misery? The only way to be free from it is to be set free by God. There is no other way. Many people try and never obtain anything worthwhile. Let Jesus led you into the kingdom of heaven.




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