When you talk to people about the big picture, they see and understand. But when you talk to them about the details, it seems to get lost in translation. Everybody knows that they shouldn’t lie, cheat, steal or kill people. Yet the details on how to do this is more ambiguous. Man has always wanted to be the captain of their destiny. Each person wants to be large and in charge. Yet if you look at mankind, the opposite is true. All my life, I have heard people talk about the Man upstairs. But they never knew who He was or what He looks like. I was the same way. I didn’t know anything about God or what He wanted from me. And I went to church all my life. I went to a religious school until I graduate from high school. I didn’t know God until 10 years after high school. It all happened when my life went from bad to worse. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I needed help and God directed my steps straight to this man, who explained to me who God is and what plan He had for me. I didn’t except this truth right away. It took almost 3 months of explaining before I was going to trust someone with my life. I may not have been worth anything to anyone, but my life was mine. I was going to preserve it as best as possible. I finally realized that I couldn’t change anything in my life. I needed the power of God to change me. I surrendered my life 40 years ago. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been consistent. God has changed me into His image and likeness. And I know that I am going home to my Father to live with Him forever. I am no longer the prodigal son. So, now I see the subtle changes in my life or should I say the nuance of God.


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