Facing the Truth

I guess one of the hardest things in the world is facing the truth. I am not talking about our own reality or truth as we see it. But what is real in this world. Everyone has their own version of what the truth is. You get 12 people to describe an accident and there are 12 versions. It all goes back to how the accident related to the person. This is why the bible talks about in many counselors there is much safety. In all the people asked there is a truth that weaves through all of their stories. But how do we know the truth in the first place? God said that He wrote His laws in our heart and minds. So they were there to start with. If that wasn’t enough God made sure that the earth and all the heavens explained the truth about God. So God says that man is without excuse or there is no reason not to know God. It is interesting how it all points to God. It is very clear and understandable how God made everything. Man doesn’t have the power to create. Yet why is it so hard for man to accept what God has said? I know from my own struggles with God’s truth what it took for me to come to an understanding. It was that I was a sinner and separated from God and needed to come back home. I ran as long as I could and was as miserable as a person could be. I hate to tell you what happens to the person that doesn’t reconcile themselves to God but most people know anyway. It is seeing God for who He is and believing. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.




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