Why are we drawn to babies? Babies of all kinds, human or animal, are cute and cuddly. It seems that every young couple I know has a new baby. They are everywhere. Big one, littles one, fat ones or skinny ones, babies are here to stay. Too bad they don’t stay little for too long. That precious smile when we talk to them or when they cry because something is wrong. Life for them is simple and uncomplicated. It is black or white because there is no in between. Then they grow up into whoever. And you wish you had a little more time with that baby that was a handful. My children are grown and I want babies. They were as demanding and selfish as anybody could be. They wanted what they wanted and when they wanted it was now. They were also helpless and couldn’t survive if we didn’t see about them. Yet we didn’t mind because we loved them with all their faults and good points. Love is powerful. It changes hearts forever. Once you love a person, you always will. It like an indelible mark on our soul. We can say that we don’t love a person anymore but it is still there. Hidden in the recesses of our heart. For good or bad, love will change the destiny of our lives. So why does thing happen to us? There is a very specific reason that we love and can’t choose who we do or not. It is funny that way that our heart will choose for us. We were made in the image and likeness of God. God loves far beyond what we do. But He is showing us what He does in our lives. We love people and babies. It is that much more that God loves us, unconditionally.



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