The Making of a Friend Indeed

I admit before God and man, that I haven’t been the easiest person to like. My life has been about extremes. Before Jesus, I was the most bitter and angry person I knew. I could, at the drop of a hat, cut someone up with my tongue. My barbs were vicious and mean-spirited. The reason people didn’t like me was very apparent. But all I was looking for was someone to love me for me. I was 28 years old before I found anyone who would even try. And what I came to understand, was that He was there all along. He hurt when I hurt. He cried when I cried. His heart was for me, just as I was. He was calling me all along. But I didn’t hear His voice over my pain. When my pain finally subsided a little, I heard this voice calling my name. I looked around and it seem that no one was talking to me. But He was. The day that I gave Him my life and He gave me His, I made a covenant with Him, a life for a life. My allegiance and life belong to God. I made a commitment to Him. That was 40 years ago. With that commitment, I had no fear of what man or devils could do to me. With no fear, I became courageous. What I became was a friend indeed. I will work in the kingdom until I go home. You too can know this friend, who has loved you before time began. God is calling you home. Listen and obey, and you too can become a friend indeed.

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